What’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, is a medical remedy that delivers pure oxygen to the body under higher than normal pressurized environments. HBOT is a non-invasive remedy that enables elevated oxygen levels to all areas of the body. While many people think of hyperbaric chambers and underwater divers with the bends, HBOT affords many different medical benefits and is available to deal with many various conditions.

How Does Oxygen Work in the Body?

Most significantly, your body needs oxygen to survive. In simple terms, as you take a breath, oxygen travels into your lungs. Next, the oxygen passes via tiny air sacs in the lungs, called alveoli. As soon as there, the oxygen transfers to the capillary blood vessels where the hemoglobin within the red blood cells transports the oxygen. The oxygen, carried within the hemoglobin of your blood, then travels to the center the place it passes by means of to deliver oxygen to cells throughout your body. The cell’s mitochondria then convert the oxygen into energy to energy the particular cells. Under normal conditions, oxygen is carried by the hemoglobin, with only very small hint amounts being transported by the plasma of the blood.

How is HBOT Completely different Than Common Breathing?

Oxygen makes up approximately 21 percent of the air you breathe in every day. Nonetheless, many of the air you breathe in is nitrogen. How a lot oxygen you breathe in additionally will depend on the atmospheric pressure the place you are. For instance, at sea level, atmospheric pressure is at one ATA, or 14.7 kilos per sq. inch (psi). As you go higher in elevation, pressure drops, making it harder for the body to herald oxygen. Areas above sea level experience air with a reduced focus of oxygen. Consequently, the body struggles to absorb as much oxygen from the air.

In an HBOT system, the air is 100% oxygen and the atmospheric pressure increases, permitting more oxygen absorption by the body with every breath. This increased quantity of oxygen pushes into the hemoglobin of the blood, as well because the plasma. This allows for more oxygen distribution all through the body and to areas which will need more energy, equivalent to healing wounds.

What Does HBOT Do within the Body?

With this improve in oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen remedy remedies offer many different benefits to the body.A multi-place chamber provides hyperbaric oxygen to a number of individuals on the same time.

Will increase oxygen levels in the body up to 10 occasions the traditional amount

Allows oxygen to cross over into the brain, increasing the production and availability of neurotransmitters

Will increase the number of stem cells in circulation all through the body

Eliminates areas of hypoxia by stimulating capillary growth

Stimulates connective tissue cells which promote wound healing and new skin development

Stimulates the immune system response

Presents anti-inflammatory effects on the body

Aids in treating trauma and sports injuries

Triggers the healing response to radiation-induced accidents within the bones, soft tissue and organs

Inhibits the expansion of some micro organism and kills non-oxygen tolerant anaerobic organisms

Improves the performance of some antibiotics and medicines

Removes that gas bubbles that cause “the bends” from the bloodstream

Will increase the removal of international bodies from the bloodstream together with micro organism, fungi, dead cells, and waste by-products

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