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ifollow binary Reviews. One thing they do is skimp you your money . When you’re winning trades all of a sudden there is some type of spread that come in to play . I had 4 trades opened for boom and they said 7.45 each . That’s 29.80 . My total at the top some how said 10.45 .they are a manipulative even when you win . Quotex is a best trading platform for free. Quotex is a best trading platform fast deposit and fast withdrawal u should use it.

Please stay away from this platform… Please stay away from this platform otherwise you always loose your money because i am also wasted my around 7000 dollars. Ask for a refund via… Ask for a refund via right away before they make you the saddest man/woman on earth. My best advice is to stay away. My best advice is to stay away. I have never come across a platform that will hold people's money against their will, The deposit phase was the only smooth experience I had with them others especially withdrawal was a very bad experience, I had to explain my plight to Mckinseysecure a company I was introduced to and I am glad they were able to get it all.

I have withdrawn my money two weeks… I have withdrawn my money two weeks ago, still they haven't transferred it. They keep telling me that they are processing it. For two weeks. Nothing is being done about it. I keep talking to their agents but they say they can't do anything. I traded hard for that money but they are giving me excuses. they force you to trade in gambling… they force you to trade in gambling indexes every time you try to trade they say (No further trading is allowed on this contract type for the current trading session.) Keep away this fraud site!

2021/12/10 & 2021/12/22, I opened 2 contracts which will win if gold price is higher, contract expried at 2021/12/31 but my profit money never come. I have raise a ticket and they canceled my contracts. They told me that they have sent me an email not to trade in holiday and that's why I got no profit. This is fraud, do not try! They don't Let You Place trade as All the Times Errors will appear in Currency Pairs. Withdraw is Good and trusted of or no Doubts.

But Nowadays They aren't Allowing to place trade in any Currency Pairs and have wrote, No further trading is allowed in this session. This error comes all times morning, noon and evening and Night too.. Trades placing is done in Demo account but In real here is same error on All Pairs whichever you want to trade. I GAVE VERY POSITIVE REVIEW AND THEY SENT ME THANKS TOO, BUT I VHAT WIH SUPPORT THEY SAID INTERNAL RISK MANAGEMENT IS OUR OWN SO CLEARLY THEY WANT TO YO GAMBLE IN VOLATILITY IR Synthetic Assets and Not make Money in Currency Trading.