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Small craft brewing factories, need to choose large and medium-sized industrial brewery gear manufacturers. As a professional beer equipment manufacturer, we offer beer gear manufacturing and installation. We recommend that they purchase 1000L, 2000L , 3000L, 5000L, and 10000L bewery systems are mainly used, and the whole plant is a turnkey project.

Our favorite Kit: Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Stout Beer Making Package. While the On a regular basis IPA may be Brooklyn Brew Shop’s most popular recipe if we’re going to be spending our time brewing a beer we’re considering it must be something actually particular. We’re large fans of Mikkeller’s Beer Geek stout and any time we now have the possibility to replicate this recipe ourselves at house you’ll be able to sign us up!

Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering (IBS&E) – 22 weeks

Craft Brewer’s Apprenticeship (CBA) – 27 weeks

The principle distinction is that the CBA course features a 5-week apprenticeship program after week 22. The ABG is tempting if you are trying to get into brewing but can’t afford to depart your day job to travel to a campus like Siebel.