Bitcoin Price Prediction: up to $! BTC to USD Forecast 2022, Long-Term; Short-Term Price Prognosis

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Op dat moment was de marktwaarde per BTC bijna $20.000: momenteel ligt de prijs dichter bij $7000 per BTC. Deze maatstaf wordt gebruikt om te bepalen welke crypto de hoogste totale marktwaarde heeft, en om duidelijk te krijgen hoe veel alle coins van bepaalde cryptocurrency samen waard zijn. Sinds Bitcoin begin 2009 op de markt kwam is het de grootste crypto in totale market cap. De totale marktwaarde van een crypto, in het Engels “market cap”, wordt berekend door de (huidige) marktwaarde per munt te vermenigvuldigen met het aantal coins in omloop. Op het hoogtepunt van de koers, eind 2017, was de totale marktwaarde van Bitcoin ruim $330 miljard. De market cap van Bitcoin is momenteel dan ook een stuk lager dan in december 2017.

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However, Bitcoin never managed to get back to the maximum. For several weeks now, the cryptocurrency has been consolidating in the range of $30,000 – $35,000. At the time of this writing, one bitcoin can be bought for $31,849.

May’s price crash was triggered by a combination of circumstances, including news that Tesla will not for cars in bitcoins, and China intends to take on local miners. However, by that time, bitcoin was already losing in value, correcting from historical highs. In April, the rate of the first cryptocurrency reached a historic peak at $64,804.

Previously, Draper gave correct predictions for the price of bitcoin. In early 2018, BTC reached $13,000. For example, in 2014, he predicted that the cryptocurrency would hit the $10,000 mark within three years.

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price 2022-01-26 Open: 36962.4 Close: 36851.4 Low: 36395 High: 38729 2022-01-25 Open: 36618.5 Close: 36946.2 Low: 35780.9 High: 37429.3 2022-01-24 Open: 36228.7 Close: 36656.2 Low: 33225.5 High: 37195.3 2022-01-23 Open: 35057.3 Close: 36280.8 Low: 34797.5 High: 36433.3 2022-01-22 Open: 36612.9 Close: 35034.2 Low: 34366 High: 36661.6 2022-01-21 Open: 40699.8 Close: 36434.9 Low: 35927.5 High: 41052.9 2022-01-20 Open: 41736.9 Close: 40672.8 Low: 40672.8 High: 43391.8 2022-01-19 Open: 42382.8 Close: 41745.5 Low: 41249.7 High: 42471.6 2022-01-18 Open: 42265.1 Close: 42372.6 Low: bityard the good wife bitcoin for dummies 41393.8 High: 42524.9 2022-01-17 Open: 43130 Close: 42252.8 Low: 41680.3 High: 43178.4 2022-01-16 Open: 43135.7 Close: 43117.8 Low: 42726.1 High: 43416.4 2022-01-15 Open: 43123.6 Close: 43181.3 Low: 42683.6 High: 43724.7 2022-01-14 Open: 42607 Close: 43098.8 Low: 41988 High: 43346.7 2022-01-13 Open: 43953.4 Close: 42596.1 Low: 42447 High: 44239.8.

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