Amazing deal

After being satisfied with one, I bought 2 more. It’s a cheap Valencia jerseys AND good quality. Keeps my cool when I’m working out, and looks good casual. The fit is great too. I’m a LITTLE out of shape, but this shirt made me look more buff haha. When I wore this shirt casually to a #BLM protest, an old friend I ran into asked me if I’ve been working out even though I hadn’t been (I was barely starting to work out at the time)!

I bought this for my son . He has issues with fabric textures and he loves this shirt. It is the second one I have purchased after such a good response with the first one. The fabric is soft and a little silky in texture so comfortable to wear with no scratchiness.

The thing about mlb jersey that people seem to forget when they criticize their clothes for being “boxy” and “don’t fit like they used to”.

Umm I hate to tell you this but there is a small chance,just a tiny chance really, that you’re not in the same shape as you used to be. The thing about MLB jersey, and this has always been true, is you have to provide the athletic part.

I know it doesn’t seem fair does it? Strange thing happenned though I bought a bunch of these shirts a year ago and I was not impressed by how boxy they were. Now I have had a lot of spare time during Covid and spent a lot of time working out and walking and running with the dog. Recently I have noticed they fit better, they’re not as boxy as they were?