Ebay Challenges Competitors to a Price Face-off

There's no stopping eBay from outplaying their competitors, especially Amazon, even if it means keeping their prices as low as possible.

With Price Match Guarantee which they launched on more than 20,000 new items, eBay's goal of motivating their rivals' customers to shop on their site will no doubt come to fruition.

The new feature guarantees shoppers of the best deals ebay italy (englandstudios.com blog entry) prices in eBay's Deals Programme; they're lower than the competitor's prices.

If a customer finds an item in the Deals Programme which eBay's competitor sells at a lower price, then eBay will issue them a coupon which they can use to purchase the item in question.

Note that the Price Match Guarantee does not apply to regular eBay listings, only to new products that are offered in the Deals Programme.

“Our eBay Deals Programme has grown exponentially since its launch in 2009 and is now a firm favourite with the millions of customers who regularly shop on eBay. We are confident in the strength of our deals already. But we're giving our customers that confidence by also matching the price of our competitors,” said Rob Hattrell, vice president of eBay UK.

Which items are eligible for price matching?

Through Price Match Guarantee, eBay instills confidence in customers to shop with them which in turn benefits sellers like you.

However, only items that meet the criteria below are eligible for this offer.

  • New and one of the 20,000++ items sold in eBay UK's Deals Programme
  • Items must be identical and currently in stock
  • Seen on eBay's competitors which include Amazon.co.uk, Currys.co.uk, Johnlewis.com, Argos.co.uk, Tesco.com and Asda.com

In order for the Price Match Guarantee to take effect, a customer has to give eBay the name of the website where they saw a similar product sold for less.

After the verification process has been completed eBay will issue a coupon to the customer.

Be part of the Deals Programme

eBay UK's Deals Programme features hand-picked products from different categories, which are sold at big discounts.

The deals are updated on a daily basis, with eBay choosing which products and sellers to feature in the forefront of their site.

There is no clear-cut policy on the selection of featured deals, but eBay's strong bias towards sellers with large, daily sales volume will clue you in on what it takes to be part of it.

It may take a while for new eBay sellers to get their products into the Deals Programme, but if you're among the seasoned ones, you just need to keep your account in good standing and sell a little bit more.

Rest assured, your efforts will surely not go unnoticed.

Now, if your product is already in the Deals Programme, we'd really love to know how your sales have been doing since eBay introduced the price match.

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